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IAmSaintValentino.comIf you are still looking for the perfect gift for the upcoming St. Valentine’s day, it is quite likely a service like this one will suit you fine.

Basically, it is a messaging system whereby you choose you gender and provide both your e-mail address and telephone number. After doing so, you will be called by the company and record a message intended for your loved one. Moreover, you will have the chance to ask the person what it is he or she wants for the occasion. The message will be delivered to the recipient, and then your loved one will be able to answer back and tell you what would be the perfect gift for her or him. The system also shows both of you where these products can be purchased, as a speech-to-products technology analyzes the recordings and delivers the relevant links.

You might wonder what is the good of such a system (IE, why don’t you call each other out directly and that is the end of it), but you are missing the point. The idea of sites and services such as this one is showing the other how much you care, and in the same way that receiving a card over the mail makes us feel special, a message is also a great way to show our appreciation for others.

Furthermore, a gift recommendation service is going to be implemented sometime soon, and that is certainly going to give the I Am Saint Valentino site further flexibility. In Their Own Words

“ created a proprietary speech-to products technology that allows us to discover the products mentioned in your recordings and deliver links to retailers who sell those products to you and your recipient in email and on the screen almost as quick as you say them.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Buying gifts is not always easy, especially in relationships that are just starting out. A service like this one can help both partners avoid any blunders while showing each other how much they care.

Some Questions About

What is the cost of this service?

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