I-want-blog.com – Help for Newbie Bloggers

I-want-blog.comDo you have a hankering to start your own blog? I-want-blog.com is a simple site that makes starting a new blog easy and hassle-free.

With three simple steps new bloggers can learn all they need to know about blogging, find the perfect host and get registered. The first step is to read the Top 10 most useful articles for new bloggers which are short and include tips, what to expect in the first week of blogging, how to create traffic, and other basics that blogging veterans have worked years to figure out. The second step is to choose the best free blog hosting. The site provides an incredibly long list of blog names in a few different languages (mainly English). The final step is to register (ping) the blog which only requires users to fill in a space with the name, blog home page, and an optional RSS URL. I-want-blog.com also offers users useful links and blogging tools to further improve their blogging career.

Why I-want-blog.com It Might Be A Killer

The blogging world can be very intimidating to those who have yet to start a blog but still want to try it out. I-want-blog.com really does take out the stress of figuring it out on your own and makes the ping process simple.

Some Questions About I-want-blog.com

Could there be more assistance with choosing a host? Most people don’t know how they are all different and where their style belongs. I-want-blog.com