Hyperigo.com – Yet Another Bookmarking Site

Hyperigo.comHyperiGo is another new bookmarking tool looking to gain your attention. Unlike others in its league, HyperiGo saves a screenshot of all your bookmarks, rather than sticking to just text.

You can access your precious favs by logging in to the site. Folders are available for sorting and categorizing purposes (News, Games, Music, Email, Cool Sites, etc.). To add bookmarks, simply click on your ‘add bookmark’ link and type in the URL in the accompanying box. Bookmarks may be displayed as thumbnails or text. Accounts can be shared publicly or you can keep things private. Filters include date, most viewed, and alphabetical order. There are no social functions, but signing up for a HyperiGo account is free.

Hyperigo.com In Their Own Words

“HYPERiGO lets you store all of your bookmarks in one place, so you can access them from anywhere, quickly and visually.

Create multiple folders with all of your bookmarks, share them with your friends or lock them to ensure they stay private. “

Why Hyperigo.com It Might Be A Killer

HyperiGo lets you store and access your bookmarks in one place. Gives you a nice screenshot view of everything, so you don’t have to rely on text to figure out which site is which.

Some Questions About Hyperigo.com

HyperiGo loads rather slowly. There aren’t any customizing options—will these soon be added? A bookmarklet or plug-in for adding sites would make things much simpler. Will they add tagging capabilities or more flexible folder options? Hyperigo.com