Hyperic.com – Making Your Systems Work

Hyperic.comStart-up Hyperic is an open-source systems management software provider. Specifically, they”ve designed a platform to maximize web infrastructure availibility.

It enables web infrastructure teams to monitor web operations from a single portal. Hyperic”s solution is built with hardware, middleware, virtualization, and applications in mind; it enables one click management. They have a free version available with basic functions which will auto-detect and manage your infrastructure within minutes. There”s an Enterprise Extension with Silver Support at $120 a machine per year; Gold Support costs $500 a year while Diamond Support is figured case by case.

Hyperic.com In Their Own Words

“Hyperic enables IT managers to expand past classical monitoring activities to drive availability and improve the overall health of their IT infrastructure. Purpose-built for web infrastructure, and architected to consider all layers of infrastructure including hardware, middleware, virtualization and applications, Hyperic HQ delivers system monitoring, trending, and analysis with one click of a button. Hyperic HQ is the first and only enterprise-class open source systems management software that lets administrators manage the IT technologies in the market today as well as those appearing tomorrow.”

Some Questions About Hyperic.com

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