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HyperDashery.comHyperDashery brings geekdom to new heights. The site creates cloth badges which represent web events.


Just like those Canadians who are keen to display country flags on their knapsacks as a sort of badge of territorial conquest, HyperDashery lets geeks proudly display the events they’ve attended. These aren’t two bit pieces slapped together with some construction paper and glue sticks either. HyperDashery badges are delicately embroidered, elegant works. They’re carefully constructed. Wear them with pride and show the world your event hopping prowess. The inaugural badges are being made as you read this for Web Directions South taking place down in Sydney, Australia. If you can’t make it there, you can still vote for the next event badge. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to the new trend in geek apparel, embroidered badges! Yeah it may sound dorky but deep down most of us are dorks.
The idea is simple; much the same as you collect a stamp in your passport for each country you visit, which adds to your worldliness and general status, hyperdashery is collecting beautiful embroidered cloth badges which represent web events.

Get involved and get collecting!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Fascinating idea. Pins and stickers have caught on amongst indie kids, skateboarders and even anarchists, so why not web geeks? If these badges are as pretty as they say they are, I foresee swarms of them appearing on the lapels er, T-shirts of geeks everywhere. Love the name.

Some Questions About

Is this too silly, one of those wtf ideas, that people will probably merely laugh at? Will web event badges really catch on? Too niche? There’s only one badge in the gallery, where’s the rest?

Author : Siri Marshall

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