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Hylighter.comThere are many quite useful and helpful online tools out there, that when finally found and figured out, could actually make life a lot easier. One such tool is Hylighter.

Ok, so it mayn’t help you find a cure for Polio, but it does pack a punch as far as collaborative tools go. Hylighter is designed specifically for collaborative document review. Normally, if you use something like Track Changes, the number of changes made can result in incomprehensible edits, and it becomes hard to see what actually changed. Of course wikis have been made especially for collaboration, but brainstorming and sharing ideas before anything is put down on paper is difficult. Hylighter enhances these tools, allowing contributors to suggest and add comments without making any changes to the documents. It also maps all input with color coding for legibility. The various subthreads can be easily extracted and organized to give all reviewers an over all snapshot of what’s going on. Pricing has not yet been finalized, however licenses are at the user, server and unlimited levels. In Their Own Words

“Are you looking for a more efficient and productive approach to collaborative document review? If so, try HyLighter, the ground-breaking collaboration plug-in for documents that require review among several or more people.
Track changes and similar applications overwrite the document during review. As the number of users increases, the number of changes obscures the document in markup. Wikis and online editors make it easy for groups to collaboratively write and revise documents but hard for participants to share their thoughts before changes occur”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Hylighter is an extremely efficient, functional tool. It makes collaboration much simpler by giving users a much more approachable visualization of changes made along with ideas or comments for each section of the document.

Some Questions About

What will the pricing look like? How effective is this really? How will it advertise itself?

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