Hustle & Grow with CoFounders Retreat

A great idea and unrelenting drive to succeed will often only get you so far.


No great thing has ever been built alone – and for aspiring entrepreneurs, this couldn’t be more accurate.  No matter how far you’re willing to push yourself, it’s absolutely crucial to get the right people by your side in order to optimize efficiency and get your venture to market.


Finding the right Co-Founder, however, is actually the one of the main challenges most entrepreneurs face.  It’s quite difficult to find one that fills in the specific gaps you’re looking for while sharing your vision; and those who do often end up being a bad cultural fit or have a tough time getting along on a personal level.


Introducing CoFounders Retreat: a startup development program that allows entrepreneurs to build their ideas and find their ideal Co-Founders – in the background of paradise.

We take 30 young professionals from around the world with a drive to disrupt industry, immerse them in the inspiring Bali ecosystem, and provide an epically intense experience for 4 weeks.  The result is the lasting business relationships that turn concepts into legitimate ventures.


The entrepreneurial mindset is fostered through workshops, mentoring, guest lectures, and even wellness activities like yoga and sports to maintain that mind-body connection.  Other program features include:


  • Access to an expansive library of digital learning resources
  • Constant feedback & perspective from expert-level mentors on the growth of your idea
  • A beautiful, memorable setting to keep you in the right mindset
  • An in-house chef to provide nutritious, locally-sourced meals
  • The opportunity to pitch your idea at the end of the program to investors, accelerating the next stage of your growth

Founder Fyodor Blumin kicked the tires on CoFounders Retreat earlier this year and has made quite a bit of progress since.  In addition to having program structure and logistics in place, the company has also secured an impressive list of guest mentors including 4-time TEDx speaker Paul Dunn, B1G1 Founder/CEO Masami Sato, and many more.


CoFounders Retreat is now gearing up for its next program in Bali, to be held in March 2019.  They’re currently accepting applications to be part of this next tribe – so if you’re interested or would like more information, visit or email [email protected].



Photos: CoFounders Retreat