– Hunters Social Networking

Hunterspaces.comDo you like hunting? Would you like to communicate with fellow hunters? Would you like to see some hunting videos? The web’s first true hunters social network. Hunters can add pictures, videos, blogs, widgets, gadgets, RSS feeds, communicate in forums, calendars, sell products, etc.

This is the first web 2.0 site for hunters. It is a perfect mix of YouTube & MySpace, with the ability to add the profile to Facebook and MySpace. So if you really like hunting, then might be a very cool and interesting website for you to visit! In Their Own Words

“Social network for hunters. Hunters can post their own hunting videos through YouTube, import their own pictures from sites such as Flickr, meet and communicate with other hunters like MySpace, and so on. We are the first Web 2.0 site for hunters.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This website will probably grow to become a killer because it has all that hunters need. It joins them and they can see incredible videos!!!

Some Questions About

Aren’t there other similar websites? Why will a user choose this one instead of another similar website? How is this website looking forward to gain profits?