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HuMuch.comComparing prices from all over the world has just become incredibly easier. Websites like this one have made all the difference.


On Hu Much you are allowed to search for just any kind of product that you have to buy next, and know exactly how much people are paying for that very same item throughout the world. That is, if you want the search to be taken that further. It is always perfectly possible (and far more coherently, come to think of it) to see how much people are being charged for that item in other parts of the State you are in, and use that information in order to haggle that little more logically.

The site is wrapped up by a discussion forum where you will be allowed to voice your discontent (or go on the great deals you have found), and a section named Cost Of Living that is bound to let you realize exactly to which extent people in other cities have got it made, and up to which point what you perceive as their apparent wellbeing is just that: an appearance. In Their Own Words

Find, Share, and Compare Prices Around the World.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it very easy for people in any part of the country to know which purchases are warranted where they live, and which items are worth buying when traveling through neighboring States (and even countries).

Some Questions About

Where did the inspiration for this site come from?

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