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HumanTribeProject.comWe could define the Human Tribe Project as a resource that can be used for raising money for these friends of ours that are going through some serious difficulties – an accident, a transplant, cancer… just any kind of crisis, really.


The site will enable you to create a page in which you describe the situation, and then people will be able to offer their support by making donations through it.

The idea is to ultimately raise enough funds to help your friends pay the bills and each expense they have incurred into as part of their treatments or therapies. Naturally, these pages are also vital for showing the person how much he/she is loved.

These pages go by the names of “Tribes”, and creating one is quite easy – all the prototypical information you can imagine is asked. To create the tribe page you must be a registered user of the site, and upon creating the page you become the “Tribe Leader”. You will be the one and only person who will be able to modify and update the page. Note that the beneficiary can also act as the tribe leader, and that you can designate more people as Tribe managers in order to help you run everything more smoothly. In Their Own Words

“Here’s how you help your friend in need. Whether it’s cancer, a transplant, an accident or any crisis really, your friend needs support and this is where you give it. Create a free Tribe Page, email the people you know will care, build support and help your friend pay the bills.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you give both emotional and financial support to the loved ones who need it.

Some Questions About

Can you create more than one page for the same person if he/she is facing more than one problem at the same time?

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