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HumanitarianPeople.orgHumanitarianPeople is a humanitarian hub. Humanitarians of all shapes and sizes can use the site to connect and interact, much as you would on Myspace or Facebook.


Both organizations and individuals can create profiles. These have customizable backgrounds and showcase members’ friends, photo galleries, groups and comments. The site also counts among its features a forum, chat, blogs and polls. There are classifieds advertising volunteer positions and jobs all over the world. An event calendar displays upcoming benefits, seminars, and conferences. On the homepage you’ll find featured members, maps pinpointing HumanitarianPeople around the world, articles, audio files and member stories. There’s also a newsletter for updates, news stories, and announcements. In Their Own Words

“We are people working for an international children charity in the online communication area. During our work we were looking for a platform where people can share ideas, discuss and post humanitarian issues. We searched weeks in Google but didn’t find any service within the net. We only found lots of general communities.

So we decided to build our own community platform. Our idea was that we want to connect people beyond the topic of our charity, long term help for children in need. People with humanitarian interests, means for who is life the most precious good and are convinced that people’s duty is to promote human welfare. What we didn’t know if we should start already with different interest groups or let the community itself decide to make their own groups later on. Maybe it would be interesting to first let people interesting in children rights communicate together in one group with anti-globalisation people to broaden the views of both groups and let them understand each other.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This niche social network provides a means for humanitarians to interact and to discuss their charitable work. It’s packed with familiar features which are easy to use. The site makes for a great way for humanitarians to network and further their causes.

Some Questions About

The interface seems unruly and sprawling. Will the site add any donation features? Tools for collaboration between different organizations?

Author : Siri Marshall

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