– A Flexible Way To Create Podcasts

Huffduffer.comHuffduffer is a new service that has the objective of enabling anybody to come up with a podcast of his own, using audio files that he has discovered on the WWW. The name of this startup, incidentally, refers to the process whereby the position of radio transmissions is triangulated.

When it comes to the web, huffduffing refers to the way interesting MP3 files can be pinpointed and stored for ulterior reference and use.

Whenever you huffduff an audio file, you can tag it with specific words, and a separate podcast will be created for every tag you use. Obviously, tags are also useful for looking up podcasts that others have come up with.

Besides, the site has a marked social element, as the most active Huffduffers are highlighted on the main page alongside the files they have tagged as of late. This way, you can see who is where it’s at, and get acquainted with him or her that way.

When all is said and done, this site aims to provide internauts with a different way to access audio files on the Net. If you are interested in such an approach, you can see it in action for yourself at the site at no cost. Just click on the link displayed below to start triangulating. In Their Own Words

“The word Huffduffer derives from a technology called Huff-Duff that was used to triangulate the position of radio transmissions. Huffduffing on the web is a way of pin-pointing interesting MP3 files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The system itself is quite easy to get to grips with, and you can come across interesting finds through it.

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