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HubDub.comPunditWatch, launched under the the URL, is a site that acts like a sort of stock market for news.

Registered members are immediately allotted 1000 Hubdub dollars ( H$1000) to start trading. News comes in several categories including tech, politics, entertainment, business and sports. The idea is to see how well you know your news (including rumors, gossip, etc). Choose a topic and make a prediction. For example, if you’re into tech, then you may want to place a bet on the question, ‘Who will buy Yahoo?’. The question is based on a news item from sites like Silicon Alley Insider, TechCrunch, or VentureBeat to name a few. You then, are provided with a list of potential buyers ranging from Viacom, to Time Warner to Other. Select one, and once the proposition is settled, you can see how well you did. Or check to see how the famous pundits fare. So far PerezHilton is winning, with a 100% track record In Their Own Words

“PunditWatch’s mission is to track the predictions of public commentators to see how they perform. Initially we are going to select 10 commentators from the fields of Politics, Entertainment, Sport and Technology.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

PunditWatch is a fun game you can use to see how right the experts really are when it comes to news. Your favorite bloggers may have insight, but they aren’t always right. Now you can have your vote.

Some Questions About

Is PunditWatch’s method really accurate? Are the predictions they’re basing their bets on really predictions? How do they choose their pundits?

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