HPGabble.com – Talk With Your Social Contacts

HPGabble.comPresented by HP, Gabble will let you have video conversations with your contacts on the Social Web in a setting that is both safe and private. That is, only those that you mark down as friends will be able to see the videos that are posted in your group.

The way that the whole service is implemented is certainly versatile, as you will be able to start talking away without needing to download a single file. As long as you have a webcam and you can access the Internet you will be enabled to take part of these video conversations. There is nothing to set up or configure, either.

And as matter of fact, you will be able to use your smartphone both to watch and send videos to others. So, as far as usability goes this service scores quite high.

Ultimately, Gabble is a solution that anticipates the way in which a significant number of our social interactions might look like in the (not so distant) future. The question, now, is whether such a form of interaction is preferable over the ones we have today. You can easily make up your mind after trying Gabble out at the URL provided below – after all, it is all for free.

HPGabble.com In Their Own Words

“Gabble is the place to interact with the people you know through private video messages.”

Why HPGabble.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives an added depth to the concept of interacting with your social contacts.

Some Questions About HPGabble.com

Will this become the standard way of interacting with others on the Social Web some day? HPGabble.com