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HowMutch.comEveryone has a price. That is the idea that inspired this startup, which is quite offbeat but interesting enough to merit a mention here.


You see, How Mutch lets people nominate their price for doing things that are a bit zany or preposterous. These examples speak for themselves: “How much would someone have to pay you to lick a subway pole?”, “How much would you pay per month for unlimited coffee at Starbucks?” and “How much would you pay to have a million followers on Twitter?”.

In all cases, a box is provided for you to input your own amount. Once you have provided it, you can see how that compares to the average amount which has been inputted by other users so far. And you can always click on the buttons labelled “Priceless” and “Not Applicable” if that’s what you want.

All the questions that are featured on the site can be shared both on Facebook and Twitter, and that is obviously where the strength of this project lies. We are talking about content that is fun and debate-made from the very beginning. And I am under the impression that people will discuss these questions far more than they will actually answer them. In Their Own Words

“Everyone has a price. What’s yours?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a site can generate the kind of content that leads to lively discussions and debates on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

Has this site got any kind of practical use at all?

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