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Here’s How To Never Write A Terrible Email Again

Today’s Killer Startup: Contactually’s email template generator



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Elevator Pitch:

This email template generator provides you with email suggestions for a range of situations.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

How many emails do you write a day? And who do you write them to? If you’re anything like me, that number is probably between 4 and 7 million a day, with the recipients ranging from prospective clients to different editors to interview subjects to friends to exes. Seriously, I think my main form of communication is email these days, maybe even more than talking face-to-face.


Such is the digital worker’s life, am I right?


Most of us are writing plenty of emails these days, even if not as many as I bang out on the daily. And, sometimes, finding the words for those emails can be hard. That’s where Contactually’s new email template generator comes in.


Want to follow up with a customer? Ask a former client for a referral? Get back together with an ex? You can find email templates for all of those messages on the email template generator. While some of them (like the ex ones) are probably more amusing than actually functional (the text is perfectly fine but, really, you should personalize those ones a bit more), others are major timesavers.


Most emails don’t need to be personalized, exactly, so much as they need to sound personal. Contactually’s email template generator strikes just the right tone so that the people you’re messaging will think you wrote it yourself, all the while saving you precious minutes every day.


But here’s a little pro tip, from someone who writes a kajillion emails a day. Don’t let something like this take over all of your emails. You are pretty much bound to mess up and send one without the name of the person included at some point or other. Hopefully it will be the one to a real estate agent and not the one to your potential client — but you never know.



Save precious time and stog agonizing over email with the email template generator from @Contactually


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Author : Emma McGowan

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