Keeping Your Business Expenses In Check

Getting off the ground with a startup takes funding… and funding can always be found. The trick to keeping a successful startup is to learn how to manage small business finances effectively.


Insight into all the dangers that lay ahead is important, but it can be even more important to try to take these speed bumps the right way.


Overspending early puts a lot of entrepreneurs behind schedule early on, and with a small output at this stage, catching up may just be too hard.

Understand Your Beginnings

The new car smell is always a favorite in the first few months of ownership but as we all know it fades before anyone is ready to stop enjoying it. According to CNN Money a new startup averages out at $10,000. Keep this in mind with your startup as well. The startup expenses can run high with legal work, advertisements, production technology, etc. These aren’t always one time payoffs, and keeping an idea of how much things will run you to maintain everything is vital.

Maintain Assets To Maintain Accounts

If the whirlwind of excitement that comes about as you launch your business sweeps you off your feet, try to stay focused on not biting off more than you can chew. New gadgets and more marketing options may seem like a great idea, but keep a steady resource of funds for the unseen problems that could be in your future. Be diligent in keeping what you have working at a high and effective volume. Staying lean and bootstrapping as long as possible gives you the experience to be able to work through problems without just throwing money at it. This will mold you into a better leader with more useful problem solving skills and teach you what is actually important to keep things out of the red.

Patience Is A Virtue

Stay calm. Spending money to solve problems isn’t always the answer. Make sure you stay in control of your assets and don’t let them take control of you. Keeping a level head through issues and problems keeps money in your pocket. Everyone with a startup faces challenges so don’t become discouraged when you reach your obstacles.


Jumping into looking for more investors can pay off current debts and get you out a one whole, but that might just put you into a bigger one. Too many investors early on can be detrimental in the long run. Everyone will want their return, and the more you reach out, the less control you may end up having controlling your own direction.

Know What You’re Spending

One expense can often lead to another. Things can quickly add up so really understand the cost of each investment for the long haul, not just for the foreseeable future. Your brand new car smell was nice, but it is going to cost a little more from month-to-month with oil changes, insurance, and detailing to keep it at top form. A business is no different, keep every expense accounted for, and a backup when things might go haywire. Maintenance isn’t always the problem, sometimes things just pop out of nowhere.



Startups are possible, and the financial flow shouldn’t discourage you from your successes. Stay on top of what you have, understand what you truly need, and never turn your back on keeping everything at a reasonable level.

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