Increase Revenue – PuttingYour Business In Hand, Literally

The Era of Angry Birds is finally subsiding, but the rest of the business world caught on and followed suit. The ability to stay with your customer all of the time they aren’t sitting in front of the computer searching the web is increasing revenue ten-fold, so don’t miss the boat. It’s well past time you learn how to increase revenue by going mobile.


People have become obsessed with their mobile apps and accessibility to whatever they need every second of the day. If there was a water proof cell phone that allowed people to not have to burn minutes in a shower without their apps it would be a big hit as well.


The apps not only increase traffic for businesses but also give them the ability to manage their business just as fast.


President of Runtriz, Matt Allard stated that, “There is no question that mobile is the most game-changing technology to affect business over the past decade and is the fastest growing technology ever.”


A big surge came in the hospitality industry by letting them become a much easier resource to access. The apps this field can produce let the customer quickly register their hotel room, rent a car and have it waiting for them or even set up a spa date to recover from the long flight that left them a little weary.


When these travelers get into town, they are afforded the opportunity to put together a fine evening right from their phone without having to go on a hunt for what is fun. Dinner reservations, movie tickets, and a quick stop for ice cream can easily be found on apps today and consumers are taking advantage.


Allard also stated that, “Sales of service have significantly increased, often experiencing double-digit growth in the first month since the launch.”


The app features can really help business target their customers like never before. When the room service isn’t performing as it should, a quick reminder of the after hour specials can be sent to catch the late night eaters at their prime.



This of course works in the restaurant business as well. New apps offering menus with pictures and ingredients let the customer interact with what they are after a little more and really get excited about the whole process from cell to plate.


Interaction between planning your choices in your handheld gives a different sense of security. It isn’t a shopping day or a late night hotel run where one might feel pressured by a sales pitch.


There is comfort knowing you can browse as you please and as much as you please without disappointing any owners along the way. This should be in mind when creating your app.

Make it a fun experience that makes people want to use your app.


As more and more businesses begin to open up their marketing strategies to the mobile world, fresh ideas are just as important as if you were making a billboard. Don’t lose your creative edge just because it’s a different platform.


As the consumer progresses so should your business. An effective strategy for a mobile marketing push can really benefit your product and even help you see the costumer in a different light. Use it to your advantage and jump on board with the mobile movement.


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