How To Improve Your Page Rank With Google

How often have you gone past the first page of Google when you search for something? I would venture to guess not that often. That is why page rank is very important for website owners. If your site is on page two, three or four it gets progressively worse.

 The site positions are based on many different factors some known and others as mysterious as the Bermuda Triangle. So your best bet to land on the first page is to follow all the known rules and hope the mysterious ones also fall in your favor.

The Secrets Of How To Improve Your Page Rank With Google

The WebMaster

The title sounds like a villain in a sci-fi movie but the right webmaster can help Google find and index your site to improve your ranking. The best way to achieve this is by building a website that is Google-friendly following their “Quality Guidelines” because if Google does not like you, the Bermuda Triangle might be a better option.


Showing up on page 689,432 out of 2,256, 458 is not going to do you any good.  If your webmaster follows Google’s guidelines, you will have a better chance of ranking high, maybe even on the first page.


As Bill Gates said “content is king” and if you have high quality content your chances of ranking high improve dramatically.



Have your webmaster follow the following rules:


  • Have content that  is well written with pages that describe the information with accuracy
  • Make sure every page can be reached  with clear hierarchy and text links
  • Have a site map with links you consider important  to your site
  • Don’t oversaturate the links on any page
  • Use keywords for your pages
  • Make sure  your links and HTML are correct

When people search for information they want it to be accurate and if your information is accurate Google will pass it on to their users which means your site ranking will keep getting higher.

Technical Rules

The technical rules are designed to allow Google to find you and make your site perform more efficiently so the user can get the information they want and make the experience more enjoyable.  You can start by making sure your site looks the same and performs accurately with all the browsers as well as:


  • Allowing  search bots to crawl freely
  • Use a text browser to examine your site
  • Let your server allow Google to detect changes in your content
  • Not blocking the Googlebot crawler

Go over your site daily to see if it is performing well. If your site takes a long time to load and your content can not be accessed users will find somewhere else.


Just like late night TV infomercials promising to make you skinny in one week there are online hacks promising unrealistic traffic to your site. You have to realize Google didn’t become this large by being stupid. Their job is to give you the best site with the most accurate information when you request it.

This ensures you will visit the site and in return generate money for the site owner, advertiser, and of course Google. The evolving algorithm Google has in place makes sure these hacks don’t have a chance of being ranked and if they do, it is very short lived resulting in your site ending up back in the Bermuda Triangle. 


By all means, you can do more including SEO, advertising and hiring experts. There is not one set of rules to increase your site position and there are new rules being added every day. That is why having high quality content will always ensure your site will be recognized by Google and people online.

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