Funding Options For Startups

While there may be plenty of funding sources out there, finding the financing required to start or expand a small business can be a tricky process. Thanks to a thorough roundup provided by Small Business Trends, this process just became a little bit easier. The following tips will help all entrepreneurs better understand small business financing and what they need.

The Basics Of Funding


Not all types of financing are right for your business. Go through all your options and seek new opportunities to discover the right financing for your business (Small Business Trends)


Traditional means don´t usually benefit small business entrepreneurs. This article discusses how new lending caps are unfair to small business. (Newsmax)

A Few Initial Financing Possibilities


Before anything else, it is important to remember the expression “bet on the jockey, not the horse.” The following gives some frequently mentioned actions and characteristics investors look for in future “jockeys.” (Startup Professionals Musings)


Sometimes, you don’t have to go too far to find funding. In addition to emotional support and encouragement, an entrepreneur’s circle of family and friends can also become an important source of financial support. (The Frugal Entrepreneur)


Ever thought about crowdfunding? (

Thinking Outside The Box, And Financing Outside Of The Bank


Thankfully, startups aren’t limited to banks for funding. These four ways to fund your startup, combined with an effective business strategy, provide appealing alternatives to bank loans. (Just Retweet)


Bootstrapping is another common funding option that avoids banks and investors, and can help with both startups or reducing overhead. (Chicago Tribune)


Small businesses are also increasingly turning to credit unions. This alternative is particularly appealing as U.S. Senate is debating a plan that would make these more competitive with other institutions. (Crain’s New York Business)

Current Trends And Debates


Experts hold that financing for business export is critical for businesses both large and small. However, this kind of business financing has been a recent source of debate. (Bloomberg Businessweek)


The SBA loan program, also known as the “504” program, helps businesses acquire commercial property. However, many criticize the taxpayer subsidies it requires due to the recent economic recession. This article suggests one possibility to revamp the whole thing. (Huffington Post)


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