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How To Decorate Your Startup Office – Even While Bootstrapping

Today’s Killer Startup: Sticker Mule Wall Graphics



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Elevator Pitch:

Sticker Mule’s newest product, Wall Graphics, are custom adhesive fabric graphics for your home or office.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I’ve talked before about how startups – at least at the early stage – aren’t exactly great at interior design. Sure, more mature tech companies are becoming known for their immature preferences for things like bean bags and nerf guns, but most startup offices I’ve seen are decidedly lacking in decor. Part of it is that everyone is bootstrapping, part of it is that no one has any time, and part of it just might be that folks need a little help.


Sticker Mule already has its finger on the pulse of the types of graphics that startups are looking for, as one of the most popular sticker sites online. It makes sense, then, that their latest product is all about moving away from laptop adornment and on to bigger and better things.


Sticker Mule Wall Graphics are printed on self-adhesive fabric that is specially designed to do no damage to your walls. The site has a cost estimate calculator front and center so that you can get a feeling for what different size images will cost.


Then, just like with their other easy to use products, all you have to do is upload your artwork and they’ll turn it into a sticker for you. The graphics come with easy to follow instructions that will help you take your startup office from basic to ballin’ in just a few minutes.


So whether you want to get your company’s mascot up behind your reception desk, plaster your walls with weird, fantastical creatures, or just brighten up your space a little bit, head over to Sticker Mule and check out their Wall Graphics.
Oh yeah, they also guarantee it within five days of your order and offer free shipping. Boom.



Your #startup office is looking pretty… Dull. Take it from basic to ballin’ with custom wall graphics from @stickermule


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Author : Emma McGowan

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