How To Create Landing Pages That Convert – Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Conversion in a nutshell is “you see it, you’ll buy it!”

The phenomenon of online business has streamlined the process by which your customers ‘veni, vedi, take it’ because now it’s all about that first taste of your presentation: the landing page.

You want to make your landing page attractive? You want to make your landing page sell? Find out how to create landing pages that convert with the following tips to make the bees want your honey!

How To Create Landing Pages That Convert

  1. Testing, testing… It’s never too early to put a website out there to get a response. Consider online websites like to see where you can improve by getting peer reviews. On a side note, we are unhappy to report we could not find any free food of any kind on that site.
  2. What goes on top, stays on top. The vast majority of people don’t look further than what they see. You want them to scroll down? Dazzle them, intrigue them… otherwise they ain’t going further. Remember the 3 Cs- Concise, Clear and Simple. And if you really want to take them for a long scroll in the park, have your call to action buttons at the top AND the bottom, please. Thank you.
  3. Killer Copy, Cat. What can we tell you? Good copy makes you and your product stand out. Why? Because it tells the audience quickly what it is you do and why they should want it. How? By tailoring the product to their needs in language that speaks to them… Know your audience!
  4. K.I.S.S. me – Maybe that’s not clear enough so let’s put it another way. Clarity means taking away all the unneeded stuff and only giving the viewer precise, uncluttered options- too many options and your page will loses steam so eliminate excess choices. Ask your clients for the minimum and they’ll come running back for more. They love that stuff! Big and inviting buttons are your call to action. Test them before so you are sure they are bold and alluring.
  5. She’s got legs. Sexy design makes all the difference. Put some thought into how you cannot only get your information across but in ways that are exciting for your audience. Bad design will never make your product look its best. Remember that.
  6. Zing! Ignore all of the above advice if your pages are loading slowly. Page loading problems kill traffic. Keep your code light and images down but optimized. Google offers speed tools and other services are available through searches.
  7. How did I get here? All the different ways of accessing your info require specific attention to what format the user is using. An article for a tweeter is like an avalanche to a skier.
  8. Testify! Nothing is better for trust than putting a human face to it. Want to go one better? Put a smiling face on your page. People can relate to smiling. Also, short and tidy videos will give your website an edge by explaining aspects that might otherwise be too word heavy. It’s a great opportunity to show off your product in a different and dynamic way.

Ok, you’ve got the tips, now go do good!

Do you want more tips? Just check this video: