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How To Boost User Engagement And Build Community

Today’s Killer Startup: Muut



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Elevator Pitch:

Muut provides real-time commenting or forums right on your site in order to boost user engagement.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

One of the first things that a new startup founder learns is that keeping the customer happy and engaged is absolutely essential for success. While “the customer is always right” is an old adage, in Startup Land it’s even more important as those first users can make or break a baby that’s just coming out of beta.


One way to up engagement, grow community, and generally increase customer happiness is through commenting sections and forums. People love voicing their opinions  good and bad  on the internet and if your site can give them an easy, clean way to do it, you’re golden.


The problem is, a lot of the commenting and forum systems out there are a) unwieldy, and b) ugly. Luckily, Muut solves both of those problems with an easy to install, totally customizable commenting and forum widget that works with your website.


While plenty of us are familiar with having to scaffold together multiple add-ons for different parts of our sites, Muut lets you add commenting to your blog, online store, picture gallery, and start a support channel on a dedicated page all with one system. It has one forum that helps you aggregate the entire discussion, which means no more switching back and forth to keep up on what’s going on.


And as for that all important UX/UI? Muut has a clean, minimal design that won’t unnecessarily clutter up that sleek look you worked so hard on (or paid so much for). There are no ads, and images are hidden behind links so that the focus is on the text. However, don’t worry: those pics aren’t hidden for good, as they can be viewed in the full-screen gallery.


Muut is also built for mobile from the get-go, an essential feature in this mobile-first age of internet users.


Oh and, did I mention it’s free to get started? Why not head over and check it out yourself?



Your site needs a better commenting and forum system. Luckily for you, we have just the solution… @getmuut


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Author : Emma McGowan

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