How to Avoid Burnout While Creating a Startup

Creating a business is certainly exciting. You’re going down an avenue you may not have known before while attempting to learn something new about yourself. But there’s also a negative side to that, as putting too much into the logic of the business can lead to a painful result. And that’s startup burnout.

We’ve seen it before, where people spend countless hours establishing a business to the point they’re staying up nights, not getting any sleep, and so on. This can throw off concentration and, as a result, lead to problematic decisions. And no one wants that.

So how can you avoid this startup burnout, you ask? Here are six easy steps to keep in mind to keep your blood flowing and the tired vibes away.

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

The first thing you have to realize with creating a startup is that no man is an island. Sure, you can get a lot done, but you cannot – we repeat, cannot – do everything. You’ll need some form of assistance to help you along if you want to get the job done.

That said, it helps to hire employees. These people, friends or not, can help you in creating your business so that you don’t do it all. And even if you don’t find the right people on your own, there’s more than enough to choose from in job markets and whatnot to locate suitable help.

Do not do everything yourself. You’ll run into startup burnout twice as fast and wonder why you got into business in the first place.

Install Something Fun Before Startup Burnout Sets In 

The next thing you need to understand is that, sure, a business needs to be serious, but not entirely. That said, you may want to consider installing something fun to keep yourself and your employees relaxed.

This could literally be anything. An arcade game that helps pass the time in the break room; a pool table that you can play while talking to someone; or even a library loaded with books and comfy bean bags. There has to be some kind of relaxing place in an office. Otherwise, it’s uptight and people bust their butts just so they can get out of there.

Don’t go overboard – maybe hold off on installing the slide – but do find something that will leave startup burnout at bay.

Set Your Standards Properly

Next up, you need to realize what your standards are when it comes to startup burnout. What can you get done without pushing yourself to extremes? This is why it helps to chart some kind of course.

Get yourself a blackboard or something where you can write out your schedule. Set up the goals that you want to complete for yourself. But also give yourself a proper timetable in which you can get them done. Do not try to overdo everything. If you do, you’ll hit startup burnout sooner rather than later.

Remember, it’s about taking care of yourself and your employees. Make the business balance and get the goals accomplished gradually.

Set Up Meditation

This may sound silly, but one key that can help you avoid startup burnout is being able to relax in the office. Short of taking naps (which we’ll get to in a moment), there’s another thing that works wonders – meditation.

Buy the office a few yoga mats and try to set up a space where someone can relax for a small period of time. Even if they’re on break, you can give them a spot where they can go and meditate, be it with yoga or something else. Even checking their Internet can give them a bit of a breather.

Make the break space work for you and find something to help people relax. Even those games above can provide a world of difference.

Don’t Miss Out on Crucial Meals

Let’s say you’ve got something that’s due for a deadline and you need to devote as much time to it as possible. And for some, that means skipping breakfast or lunch. As people that are savvy in the business world, we can clearly say – don’t do it.

The reason is this. You need food. You do. There’s no getting around it, you can’t survive on oxygen alone. Not having food will make you hungry and force you to lose energy and concentration.

Stop what you’re doing and get something. A muffin, a hot dog, anything that will sate your hunger for at least a little while. Take the time and enjoy a lunch break. Do not starve yourself, or you’ll pay for it later.

Sleep and Sleep Good

Finally, there’s one key ingredient to avoid startup burnout – having the right level of sleep. Granted, that doesn’t mean sleeping in until noon each day, but that also doesn’t mean you get by on two hours’ worth.

Take the time to have proper naps when you can, or just make sure you get settled in for a good seven to eight hours a night. It’ll do you wonders and relieve you of so much stress.