Here’s How To Figure Out How Much That Explainer Video Will Cost You

Today’s Killer Startup: How Much To Make A Video


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Elevator Pitch:

How Much To Make A Video uses a fun questionnaire to give people a quick estimate on how much their video will cost.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

How Much To Make A Video is a new tool from the video production company Veed. Co-founder Yoav Hornung told ProductHunt that they were constantly responding to people asking how much they thought their video would cost, a question that is a bit more complex to answer than a simple “Um, like maybe five bucks?” for most. Rather than go through the process of pricing out every single person’s video, they created How Much To Make A Video.


The tool gives people a rough and dirty estimate (actual costs will vary, of course), by taking them through the different elements of a video. Are people looking for live motion or animation? Do they need video? A script? A location? Original music? You get the idea.


As each question is answered, the little running tally of the cost in the upper right hand corner shifts based on the user’s responses. At the end of it all, the site provides the user with an estimated cost for their video as well as a breakdown of each element. They can then either go back and play with the different elements in order to make it better fit their budget or hook up with one of the professionals at Veed to start the process of making their video.


While How To Make A Video is obviously first and foremost a (great) way for Veed to drum up business, it’s also an awesome tool for startup founders who know that they want an explainer video for their site but have no idea how much it’s going to cost them.



Need a video for your #startup but have no idea how much it will cost? @veedme has the answer!


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