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How Many Kiwis Is A Great Photo Worth?

Today’s Killer Startup: Kiwipik



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Elevator Pitch:

Kiwipik is an app that lets you share anonymous pictures with people around you.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Let me start by showing my age a little, okay?


Back in the day, we were all anonymous online. With “funky” screen names and dial-up connections that meant pictures could literally take hours to load, you could be any age, race, gender, or hair color you wanted.


These days, though, that anonymity is a lot harder to find and is often represented in a super negative way by anonymous commenters spewing hate, most commonly known as “trolls.” However, “anonymous” doesn’t always have to equal “asshole,” and the iOS photo sharing Kiwipik is a great example of that.


Kiwipik lets users share pictures anonymously with people around them. Its name comes from the fact that while you’re scrolling through the feed you can click on an image and choose to either add or remove a kiwi. The pics with the most kiwis get added to the “best” section.


A quick perusal of the app showed a surprising lack of one thing: bullying comments. A scourge on other media-based networks, the images on Kiwipik are refreshingly lacking any comments about women’s bodies or insulting remarks, despite the fact that commenting – like everything else on the site – is anonymous. It’s unclear whether that’s due to a particular civility in the 100,000-strong user base or just a sign that commenting isn’t the most popular thing do on Kiwipik. Either way, it’s a nice change from the norm.


Kiwipik has also recently introduced the “kiwibox,” which are invite-only groups. Friends can join together and post pictures anonymously just within their own circle. The feature is currently in beta and users who are interested in participating can get in touch with Kiwipik at for access.



How many kiwis does a GREAT photo get? @kiwipik knows the answer…


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Kiwipik | THONGCHAI PITTAYANON/Shutterstock

Author : Emma McGowan

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