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How Can A Field Trip Get Any Better? Two Words: Permission Click

I’m not sure what it is yet – I’m too sleepy to figure it out. It’s not that people are evil per se, but, after having become a parent recently, I am convinced that no one tells the full truth about the difficulties of parenting because parents delight in hearing about others suffering just as they did. Have a look beneath the announcements “It’s a boy,” “It’s a girl,” and the fine print reads, “It’s payback time!”



Only this time, it isn’t.


As soon as I started to read about Permission Click, I remembered driving my mother crazy with permission slips. They disappeared in my backpack or around the house. It was rarely clear what I was requesting money for this time. And once – boy am I lucky nothing bad happened – a forged signature opened the bus doors for a field trip that punishment was supposed to have prevented me from attending. (I wasn’t a bad kid usually, I swear!)


None of these nuisances will trouble my household as Henry grows up, however, because Permission Click has schooled permission slips into the digital age.



permission slip landing



Teachers can use the cloud-based app to create permission slips using PDFs and drag-and-drop forms, receive the principal’s approval for events, handle parents both signing slips and paying fees, all without a single piece of paper ever vanishing.


Permission Click cuts out the middleboy, allowing school staff to email parents documents and permission slips. It works for daycare, community clubs and other organizations, and eliminates headaches associated with any number of activities – field trips, registration, fundraising, extra-curricular sports, to name just a few.


No more problematic transporting of money via children. No more sorting out slips, payments and creating reports for teachers. Parents, teachers, administrators, kids – everybody wins. Communication is easier, maintaining records and receipts a breeze.



Remember how nervous you felt carrying your report card home for Mom and Dad to sign? Waiting for the reaction was tough enough, but forced to be the messenger of your own news? Oh, the indignity. No, I won’t feel cheated because Permission Click will spare Henry the similar tortures to which I was subjected. (Not yet at least, he’s too young to have earned my anger. Check back in a few years.)


Learn more about how Permission Click can digitize permission slips and make payment collection easier at your K-12 school at


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