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HourTown.comHourTown is a web-based application designed to allow small business owners to schedule customers and market their services online. If your business is to sell your time and not a product, then HourTown’s online scheduling system helps by promoting blocks of time as if they were products in an online storefront.


Customers simply select the service they are interested in, see what times are available, and book the time they want. The business owner is notified instantly by email and then chooses to accept the booking or to suggest an alternative time. HourTown also helps small business owners to advertise by allowing them to distribute promotional information as well as their availability across major search engines and locally-focused classified directories in a single click. In Their Own Words

“HourTown makes it easy for new and existing customers to connect with your business and schedule an appointment online. It helps manage your schedule, markets your services and notifies you when someone schedules an appointment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a robust tool that should appeal to anyone who sells their time and not a product online. HourTown makes sense for a number of sectors and it should become a popular solution.

Some Questions About

Will people be willing to pay the approximately $5 per week price tag or will they opt for a less robust, but free, alternative?

Author : Caroline Bright

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