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Hound.comAre you an unemployed professional? Looking for a job? Tired of entering websites for seeking jobs that are packed with ads? is the website you are looking for! This highly advanced, free job search engine locates all of its jobs from employer’s career web pages. does not post the usual mix of over-publicized and limited commercial job board and recruiter jobs. All that users have to do to find their job is, when they enter’s frontpage, fill in the two spaces provided by the website. The user must let the website know what job he is looking for, and in what area of the USA he can work. After that all the user has to do is choose the job that he likes!!! In Their Own Words

“, quite simply, is the world’s largest and best collection of jobs.

With a worldwide staff of 600+ employees working around the clock to find virtually every job opening in existence, we employ proven, effective, and results-oriented methods to get you the job of your dreams. and its partner companies have helped literally thousands of professionals like yourself find employment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer is killer because no other company can provide this type of advanced job search for free.

Some Questions About

Aren’t there already to many website offering this service? How is a user supposed to find this website? How is this website planning to have profits if the website is free and there are no ads?

Author : Bill Webb

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