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HotShare.netAre you looking for a website in which you can upload your favourite videos, photos, sounds, and files? Want to share them with the rest of the world? allows you to do that and even more! HotShare.

net is a website in which users can upload their videos, music, etc. A very interesting feature of this website is that users don’t have a limited ammount of space for their uploads, so they can upload all the media that they want!!! There is only one condition to users while uploading their media, and it is that they can’t upload files bigger than 200Mb. Users can also download all the files that they want! And another very big feature of this website is that it is free!!! In Their Own Words

“ is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing free web hosting that permits users to upload, transfer and store user originated files into the website so that other users of the service can view and download said content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It might be a killer because it offers users a service that gives them the chance to upload their media for free. It also allows users to download other users media!

Some Questions About

Aren’t there already to many websites offering the same service? How is a user supposed to find this website? How is this website looking forward to gain profits?