– Bring Your Facebook Photos To Life

HotPrints.comA company that has its seat in the United Kingdom, HotPrints makes it possible for any Facebook adept to have his or her own pictures printed and bound at a very competitive rate, especially if we compare it to the fees that are charged by other online providers.

The resulting photo book comes with eight sheets and sixteen printed pages in total, and a page can easily include up to six photographs.

As far as size is concerned, every book is 25 cm x 20 cm – that is, not too bulky yet elegant enough to be presented as a gift.

As it was mentioned above, this service is available to Facebook users only. That is only for the time being, though – the idea is to branch out and eventually take such a casual printing proposition to social networks as a whole.

Any service that is geared towards web socialites as a whole (and especially towards Facebook users) is a potential goldmine in itself, and as such it will be worth watching out for this particular solution, and the impact it might have. Still, it might not be too adventurous to say that this Cambridge-based team hit the nail right on the head. In Their Own Words

“HotPrints brings casual printing to social networks with its first application: HotBook. With most images now stored and displayed online, and shared predominantly on profile pages, HotBook brings them to life, printing them on high quality paper in awesome photo albums for tiny prices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ever-increasing number of Facebook enthusiasts is more than likely to find such a service compelling, if only because it is rendered at a truly competitive price.

Some Questions About

What is the exact price a HotBook retails for?