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HotIndianStartups.comAn online database that covers one of the most prolific regions in the world of technology, Hot Indian Startups is there to show people all over the globe how things are shaping up from the word go.

The site has a prototypical layout – EG, you can see the most recent additions to the database on the main page, whereas the most popular sites are spotlighted for you to have access to the pick of the bunch in an immediate fashion.

Of course, a search tool is included to let you streamline proceedings, whereas the featured sites are arranged in different categories like “Entertainment”, “Social” and “Technology” to mention but three.

Also, remember that the site is user driven, so that if you live in India and want to promote your new site, then this online resource is more than likely to see you through. Just sign up and you are ready to submit your own piece to the site. In Their Own Words

“HotIndianStartups is a user driven indian internet startups community. Users can submit startups that are either based in India or anywhere in the world, but catering to Indian diaspora. The users share, comment, vote on indian startups. The startups are sorted by popularity based on the votes that our users submit. The upcoming page display the startups that have been last submitted by our users and have not been yet classified as published. You can vote for startups to increase their popularity.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

India is one of the most fertile technological markets. Such an online resource is more than suitable.

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