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HotHomeNetwork.comHotHomeNetwork is a social network developed for home sellers, buyers and investors. To list your property, you’ve first got to create a seller’s profile and then decide what type of listing to opt for.

A premium listing allows for photo uploads, descriptions and a ‘classy layout’. Featured listings get the most exposure as they are displayed on the homepage. Right now all members are being offered free listings for a limited time only. Other features that the site features include maps, customizable listing options, and referral awards. The site is divided into a number of different main sections including Profiles, Properties, Video, News and Forum. You’ll notice that the featured listings of the week are properties that cost a great amount of money but that are being offered at a much lower price. Whoever has the ability to sell the property is rewarded with a fat commission and a Lamborghini to boot. In Their Own Words

“Listing your property for sale on Hot Home Network greatly increases the exposure of your home to interested buyers, real estate marketing is a numbers game. Listing your property is easy, first you must create a Seller’s Profile. Why do we ask you to create a Seller’s Profile? Buying and selling homes may incorporate different strategies; we cater to our members needs by allowing our members to create two separate profiles.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Most of the homes listed appear to be of the upper end market; people who join the site could stand to make some money, as evidenced by the Lamborghini ad.

Some Questions About

Is the internet the best place for selling a home? Wheteher you a home owner, or an investor is it not bettre to go to a realtor that you can personally speak to? In order to sell home and get the commisson, do have to a licensed realtor?