– Where Are You Hot?

HotFlation.comDepending on where you are from geographically there is a certain style of beauty. Some regions celebrate a curvy body while others prefer a skinnier model frame. is a site that can help you determine where you are considered hot. In order to see where you are hot you must register with the site and upload photos of yourself. You can upload more than one photo, in fact the more photos the more accurately users can vote on your photo. Users will rate your hotness on a 1 to 10 scale. You can then see where votes are from, for example, if some gave you a 7, you can see what state they are from. Later the users with the highest ranking are featured as one of the top 10 hottest. There are different top 10 categories such as top 10 hottest Midwest, or mountain states. You can browse through the site and take a look at the top 10 hottest lists, but in order to vote or submit a photo you must register. Have fun at finding out where you are considered the hottest, maybe you will find it is time to make a move. In Their Own Words

“HotFlation was founded in Los Angeles in 2007 by two old friends who are passionate believers in the concept of “hotflation” (see our FAQ for more detail on the concept of “hotflation”). The two simply felt that among the vast landscape of photo rating websites all around the Internet there did not exist a single photo rating or sharing community that addressed the important issue of where its users were hot (or not). Sure, HotFlation would also do all those things the other photo and community sites were doing, but they believed that wasn’t enough. Think about it – geography plays a HUGE role in our lives. It usually determines where we go to school, where we work and who we marry. Why shouldn’t it determine where we are considered attractive? ‘Hotness’ to us is a relative concept, and taking geography into account gives us a much broader idea of who we label ‘hot’,’ and where that label is truly accurate. So that’s why HotFlation is here, my friends – to answer the age-old question “Where are YOU hot?””

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface, the fading red to yellow background suits the flame theme of the site. The flame on the logo is also very appropriate along with all of the read accents on the site. Te site is easy to navigate and very straight forward. is a fun site and all of the graphics are fun as well such as the rating system the 1 to 10 flames that gradually change from ice blue to fiery red. is a fun site with a fun web design.

Some Questions About

There are a lot of the same girls featured in the different top 10 categories. One girl is in 3 different top 10 groups. Once there are more members hopefully there won’t be this repeat of girls in different categories. I have seen one photo of a man on the site. Is only for women or can men submit their photos a well?