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If you are thinking about taking your holidays and you need to make hotel reservations, you will find a good resource in It is not, as you may think at first sight, a portal with hotels database to look for reservations. Hotelsweep goes under that surface to take you rates from small hotels, which usually don’t make it to the big hotel reservation portals. This is due to the commissions they must pay, which they may not be able to afford given their small structure. It also happens that the best rates are also offered through directly from hotels’ own websites because of the same cause.

So Hotelsweep is more like a specialized search engine where you can find every kind of hotel by setting your preferred rates. Precisely, the site sweeps throught the web to put together pricing rates so you can reach lodging services which you wouldn’t otherwise, and directly from the source. This doesn’t mean that the service only works for small hotels. You can find boutique hotels too. Everything is covered, and this is the great advantage of They even take information from the most important travel agencies in the world.

The site allows you to search directly for a selected city, and then providing the check in and check out dates to see results of choices according to the price range you had previously defined. Results are shown in a list which makes it easy to compare prices, and with an embedded map so that you can get an idea of where it is located. In Their Own Words

The best hotel search engine.

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Do they cover hotels from everywhere or only from certain continents?