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Find Sweet Hotel Deals On Hotel Suite

If the number of online booking platforms for hotels tells us anything, it’s that no company has managed so far to dominate the market. Brand loyalty is still up for grabs. Whoever makes life the most convenient for customers looking to book hotels – and helps them find the best deals – stands to win a tremendous following.


The newest contender for heavyweight hotel deal champion of the world: Hotel Suite.


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Use Hotel Suite to reserve accommodations all over the world. Though just out of the gate in 2014, the startup features over 717,400 properties across the globe in 76,541 destinations in 214 countries.


The application (available on desktop and on Google Play) gives travelers plenty of flexibility to search as they please. Start out by entering dates and a destination, and Hotel Suite comes up with a list of options in a flash. From there, it’s possible to filter results according to price, hotel names or chains, star ratings, and amenities. Visitors can also zero in on specific neighborhoods or landmarks, and check out cheaper options at nearby cities.


Hotel Suite also lets bookers beeline for offers such as discounted rooms, free nights, and other promotions. In addition to reserving all kinds of hotel rooms, people can book flights, car rentals, and find vacation packages – knocking out all the big needs in one convenient place.


All of these attributes might sound pretty typical for a booking platform, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with delivering the goods in solid fashion. Hotel Suites does so — and then some. Apart from the extra attention given to deals, Hotel Suite forgoes any booking or cancellation fees. Nice touches.


Here’s another feature that’s easy to gloss over but is rather fantastic when you think about it: Hotel Suite instantly confirms your booking. This is almost unheard of in the industry. There’s usually a delay, and sometimes the unpleasant discovery that your room or deal is no longer available. Doing all your homework and then pulling the trigger on a reservation only to discover that you have to start all over again is unspeakably frustrating. (This might be one of the leading reasons no brand has taken over the market yet.)


A good price. Hassle-free booking. Smooth search. Make these three facets of finding lodging shiny and sharp and you’re a jewel of a service, one that people will ooh and aah over. Dash to the next time you need a room and see the gleam for yourself.


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