Score Bitcoins For Booking Rooms At

It’s gotten to the point with online hotel booking that you can spend nearly as much time trying to decide on which site you should make your hotel reservations as you do choosing where to stay.


What’s more, it’s become somewhat difficult to tell the players apart (cough cough,, cough cough…) So, where’s a traveler to turn when it comes time to book a room? offers something that customers aren’t accustomed to seeing – money back for choosing to book a room using the website. Cash back in the form of Bitcoins to be more precise, up to 5% of the price depending on the reservation value and the exchange rate on the day of booking. That’s about as good of a deal as you’re going to find in any currency, anywhere.


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You can find some last minute special offers these days, but ahead of the game – the way most of us try to make our arrangements – you find the same prices more or less across the board. (Have a look at other sites using’s price comparison buttons to see what I mean). The Bitcoin incentive is shrewd way to stand out from competitors and to offer a reward that savvy online bookers will understand has great value.


So… it was slightly unfair to knock other online booking platforms for their uniformity, because web shoppers appreciate some familiarity – it saves them time when shopping around because they don’t need any help to find their bearings. To this end, doesn’t disappoint either. The website offers a straightforward search according to dates and location. Results appear quickly, and hotel goers may filter results by price, star ratings or amenities.


Bottom line: provides a useful service efficiently with a unique, killer perk – Bitcoin cash back.


Customers have the option of booking online or calling by phone (customer service is on standby 24/7). also advertises bookings at the lowest possible price. Though new to the scene, the company has already added over 130,000 hotels in more than 20,426 cities around the world.


Ready to earn Bitcoins for making your next hotel reservation? It’s free to sign up for and easy to use. Happy trails to you!


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