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HotBlogOrNot.comHot Blog Or Not is comparable to Digg, but there is a major difference at play: the content that is submitted comes solely from blogs. That is, site users submit their own posts personally, and these are rated in the same way that articles are promoted and demoted in any other popular social sharing website.


The similitude does not end there, as it is possible to arrange the items that have been submitted by daily, weekly and monthly popularity. Likewise, an “Upcoming News” section is included and it works exactly in the same way that it does for Digg & friends. And you can always see a list of these users that have joined the site recently, and the ones that have proven to be more active in the last couple of days.

Submitting a new post is done in an entirely intuitive way, and signing up beforehand is not necessary. If you want to check out how effective this new social sharing site can be and how much traffic it can direct to your blog, you can do so without even having to undertake a registration process. In Their Own Words

“Your source for social news and networking.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking for an alternative to Digg which is solely focused on blogs will find it worth a try.

Some Questions About

How can the site become more refined in terms of layout?

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