Horror On The Web – DreaminDemon.com

Horror On The WebThis is a blog that plays out the role of terrifying the ones who pay it a visit. That is not a personal appreciation at all – the tagline of the blog is “Ruining your day since 2004”, so that they take pride on what they do.

The blog is packed with real life horror stories along with pictures that drive the point home and some way beyond that too, I can assure you. Besides, movies that keep with the motif of the weblog are reviewed so that the ones who haven’t had enough of horror by browsing the blog can go out and have more of the same on the silver screen. To each its own, I guess. If this is what you want then the blog will keep you more than happy. But if you are not interested in gross subjects like the ones dealt with in here don’t even think about getting near it. Forewarned is forearmed, and you better keep it in mind when it comes to blogs like this one. I am not saying they are “bad” blogs or anything like that, just that their target public is so sharply defined that anybody who stumbles upon them accidentally will end up running for cover. Horror On The Web