Hoppit.com – Discover Places You Will Like

Hoppit.comWeegoh. Scoville, Where… there’s no end to the number of apps and web services that let you find interesting places to visit, be it in a city you’re just getting acquainted with for the first time, or right in your neighborhood. Some might question whether we need yet even more or not, but the truth is that Hoppit brings some fresh ideas to the table, and it deserves an honest look at the very least.

Hoppit lets people find new places to visit based on their actual tastes. Users of Hoppit can define the kind of individuals they are by choosing the relevant options from a list which includes items such as “Foodie”, “History Buff”, “Thrill Seeker” and “Wine Expert”, and the application will use that information (along with their actual location) to recommend venues they’ll most likely find worth a try.

Hoppit uses a proprietary algorithm (the “MatchMe” algorithm) in order to determine which shops, hotels and restaurants it should recommend to whom, and it all ends up resembling a true system of genes for places.

Hoppit is based in New York City, and it’s meant to cover the best part of the US over what remains of 2011, and the first quarters of 2012.

Hoppit.com In Their Own Words

Hoppit is all about places. We believe everywhere you go to have fun, should be fun. Why spend time wondering where you’ll enjoy yourself the most? With Hoppit, you’ll never have to wonder again.

We’re very excited about how we’re doing this: we’ve created a system of “taste genes” that users can assign to themselves (things like “Foodie”, “Prepster”, “Thrill Seeker”, “Wine Expert”, “History Buff”, and “The Arts”). When users rate places, we very quickly discover the top genes for all our places. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening on the back end at this point (mathy stuff), but here’s the gist. We can find you places we know that you’ll love, based entirely on your unique tastes!

Some Questions About Hoppit.com

In practice, are the results Hoppit yields that different from the results produced by the sites it competes with? Hoppit.com