HopeYouDontMind.com – A New Way To Drive Sales

HopeYouDontMind.comHope You Don’t Mind is a new tool that is geared towards business owners. It basically provides these individuals with a useful way of monitoring the Twitterverse in pursuit of potential customers.

The way it works is quite easy: as a business owner, all you have to do is set up searches related to your line of business. From that point onwards, you simple open HYDM at the start of your day and listen out for alerts when a potential customer has virtually “walked into your store”. That is, in the very same moment that they are thinking about buying your product or hiring your services and they say as much on Twitter, you are alerted about the fact so that you can act before they buy it from someone else.

A system like this, then, puts an end to waiting for an SMS, RSS feed or daily summary email. Once you have set everything up at the beginning, it is all managed without further input on you.

The implementation of the system is also quite accurate, as a color-coded stream of tweets lets you see who may be interested in your products or services. What’s more, it is possible to employ predefined “Stamp” tweets in order to send messages out from any of your Twitter accounts to grab the customer, and also track your sales conversations.

HopeYouDontMind.com In Their Own Words

“HYDM is a hybrid solution that gives you the keyword matching facility of Google Adwords, the interactivity of Twitter and the “personal touch” of a face-to-face sales encounter!”

Why HopeYouDontMind.com It Might Be A Killer

It lets business owners take a truly assertive role without having to exert themselves that much.

Some Questions About HopeYouDontMind.com

In which other ways can customers and business owners communicate? HopeYouDontMind.com