HopeActChange.com – Will.i.am Supports Obama


am from the Black Eyed Peas has decided to support Barack Obama by creating a song of Obama’s famous “yes we can” speech. Will.i.

am sings this song and on the site you can listen to the song which harmonizes Obama’s speech. While there is the audio of Obama’s speech and Will.i.

i.am singing there is a video montage of profile photos which users can include by tagging their flickr photos with “hopeactchange”. Other celebrities are supporting this project as well such as Scarlet Johanson. The video has images of Obama as well as images of people playing instruments, singing, and communicating in sign language. The site serves as a great campaigning tool and is very powerful. HopeActChange.com empowers American citizens to get involved in whatever form they can. Either with providing a service or a piece of art. Visit HopeActChange.com and take a look at this creative, powerful video.

HopeActChange.com In Their Own Words

“All around America, people are taking action in support of hope and change. Upload your images and watch the video mosaic grow and evolve.”

Why HopeActChange.com It Might Be A Killer

HopeActChange.com has an attractive interface, the back background is a good way for the media and information to stand in the fore front of the site. The media on the site is well done and very artistic. The video is very touching to listen to and watch. It is great that users can get involved simply by tagging their flickr photos.

Some Questions About HopeActChange.com

A forum on the site would be an excellent addition, so that users could debate and express their ideas. HopeActChange.com could include a gallery where other users could submit their political art work. HopeActChange.com