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HootSuite.comToday I received an e-mail from the Brightkit folks, whose startup I had the pleasure to cover some months ago. Brightkit has not only been significantly updated, but the name of the startup has just changed so it is a good idea to cover these updates – especially when they are as interesting as they turn out to be.


Doing a quick recap, Brightkit was a Twitter toolbox that enabled users to create and manage multiple profiles at the same time. It also had a pre-scheduling functionality along with analytics and statistics for you to weigh up your tweeting performance.

New updates include support for RSS feeds (that is, you can use HootSuite to feed your blog to Twitter a la Twitterfeed) and a bookmarklet that goes by the name of “Hootlet” for instantly tweeting the URL of any page you are visiting on the spot.

But the one new aspect that stands out is that tweet monetization is fully accounted for. This is accomplished by integrating links with AdSense and sharing the resulting links.

As you can see, these updates give what was already an exciting product a character of its own. If you did not try this solution the first time around you can do it now. Locate your web browser at in order to learn more. In Their Own Words

“HootSuite is the ultimate Twitter toolbox. With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success. HootSuite lets you manage your entire Twitter experience from one easy-to-use interface.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

HootSuite keeps all the basic features that made Brightkit a fine tool to begin with, and adds some remarkable functionalities. The one that stands out is the ability to monetize your tweets.

Some Questions About

What updates are forthcoming now?

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