Honk.com – Finding The Right Car For You

Honk.comHonk is a site with a marked social bent, in which people can give their opinion when it comes to any car that is currently found in the market. The idea is to have real people review different vehicles until a database of real reviews is available for everybody to peruse.

his database can be browsed through is as many ways as you can think of, and that is where one of the main strengths of the site lie. For example, you can search vehicles by your age and gender, and some of the categories within that section include “Young Males”, “Young Females” and “Midlife Crisis”. Another example: you can look up cars by personality. In this particular case, the list is so encompassing that it would make Freud proud – “team players”, “born leaders”, “have no fear”…

Alternatively, you can execute a search by make and model and start the process that way. And if you want to see what people are praising and panning on the whole then you should check out the “What’s Liked And What’s Not”. All in all, it is safe to say if you visit this site you are coming out of it on four wheels.

Honk.com In Their Own Words

“Find out what real people think about cars.”

Why Honk.com It Might Be A Killer

When it comes to buying anything, people are always keener on insight that comes from others in their same position instead of those working for this or that media outlet.

Some Questions About Honk.com

Is social integration already accounted for? If not, will that be taken into consideration in the (near) future? Honk.com