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Honc.bizUpcoming artists, aren’t you all needing a place were you can publish your songs in order for people to hear them? offers you a solution for your needs. is a website in which musicians can upload for free their music in mp3 format. users can later hear the music and rate it. Both uploaders and downloaders can sign up for free. The only rule that uploaders have is to have a minimum of 5 songs. has this feature so if the users that hear the music like the artist, they can get deeper into it. This website is definetively of great use to upcoming musicians and music lovers!!! In Their Own Words

“HONC as formed to create a place for amateur artists to post their music in mp3 format onto a public web site. Each artist can receive votes and feedback from the widest community available – the internet -.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It might grow to be a killer because it gives new musicians the opportunity to be heard.

Some Questions About

Aren’t there already to many websites that offer the same service? How are you going to gain profits? Do you have sponsors? Do you sell advertisement space?

Author : Bill Webb

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