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Homeruncards.comLove baseball cards? Homeruncards is one of the top baseball card retailers on the web. It offers baseball cards, rookie cards, and autographed cards of more than 5000 different players all available in one site.


You’ll find a large selection of rookie cards including unique, up-to-date rookie card team sets that cannot be found easily on other sites. Also, you will find authentic autographed baseball cards and game worn jersey memorabilia cards, all listed alphabetically under assorted player lots. You can purchase cards of your favorite player in 1, 5, 10, 20, or 50 card lots. New players and new cards are added to it every week. You can start browsing cards by category – such as rookie cards, memorabilia cards, and autographed cards. All cards are organized alphabetically by players, so don’t try searching by year, brand, or card number. You can click on the image of each card for a larger photo. For a much more extensive list of rookie cards, including many lesser known players, you can visit the master list of rookie cards. In Their Own Words

“Hello, my name is Chuck, a 29 year old baseball fan living in Massachusetts. As you might expect, I love baseball cards! I started collecting when I was in 3rd grade and my first pack was a pack of 1987 Topps for 35 cents. Today the average pack costs $2.99, and it does not include a stick of bubble gum! *eegads!* However, the selection and the quality of the cards have greatly increased, and with the Internet, cards are easier to collect than before.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Homeruncards seems the place to go when collecting baseball cards of your favorite player. Unlike most websites that only sell cards of the top 20 stars like Bonds and Jeter, Homeruncards features a large selection that also includes lesser known players. The site is well organized, focused, and straightforward. It provides all of the details necessary to make a sound purchase: card condition, photograph of card, price, and an explanation when necessary.

Some Questions About

Will they add some other search criteria? Homeruncards is a 1 person operation, will he be able to handle an increasing number of traffic and orders?

Author : Bill Webb

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