Even Your Grandma Could Be the Next Celebrity Chef on Homemade

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The Craving it Satisfies

Great, homemade dishes from local cooks


Why it has a Winning Recipe

I know that I’m completely spoiled. Between growing up in a house where Mom always cooked, working in restaurants that fed staff well – and knowing my own way around a kitchen – I’m used to eating right. I can’t enjoy fast food. I need my meals to taste like they were made with love and have been brought to my plate straight out of the oven.


Since I don’t have the time to cook nearly as often as I’d like, and Mom lives too far away to drop in for dinner, my pampered taste buds have been left hankering for something like Homemade.


The app connects people with local cooks so that they can by their specialty dishes. Use the app to find dishes your keen on, and pick up particular items on select days. In some cases, cooks will even deliver.


Much like AirBnB has allowed the average person to rent out a room as if he or she were a hotelier, Homemade gives both chefs and talented cooks alike a platform to sell great food without necessarily being restauranteurs. This recipe lets those with kitchen chops build a following, make money, and cook what they love cooking – and gives patrons a delicious alternative to standard takeout.


I’m not someone who encourages people that have killer recipes or can throw an unforgettable dinner party to start a restaurant. It’s so hard to succeed in the restaurant business, and doing so requires skills and training that, for example, your neighbor that can barbecue with the best of them probably doesn’t have. However, I would happily send those souls toward Homemade to share their dishes with a larger audience.


Find the Homemade app in the App Store. Discover the amazing cooks that live near you and share your culinary triumphs with your neighbors.



Homemade food is back on the daily menu thanks to @HomemadeApp


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