HomeandTell.com – Show and Tell for Your Home

HomeandTell.comHome and Tell is your portal to view real homes and projects that were created, designed, and executed by real people. This niche social networking site is like Show and Tell for adults.

We all know there´s no place quite like home, and Home and Tell aims at capturing the spirit of what home really means to us. Display your drab dorm to plush pad projects, showcase your craftmanship abilties in your suburban home, this social networking site is for anyone who wants to show where we dwell and how we have made it our own. The site is not like your average Home Magazine, it has a totally reinvented feel, forgetting professional designers and opting for a more down to earth, realistic home environment. You can also ask questions, share your thoughts and opinions, give constructive feedback, and contribute to your new online community.

HomeandTell.com In Their Own Words

“HomeAndTell is the friendliest place to see real homes and real projects created by real people. From college dorm rooms to apartments in the city, lofts in the warehouse districts, and craftsmen in the suburbs, homes come in many shapes and sizes and mean something special to each one of us. Each home represents different moments in our lives and is the place where we raise our families, settle our roots, and grow with our community. Capturing the spirit of what home means to each of us is what HomeAndTell is all about! We want YOU to tell your home story.