Home Gardening, Finally Made Easy

There’s a green thumb within each and every one of us, just begging to come out and play.


But unfortunately, for most of us, it never does.  Despite the best intentions we might have, most first-timers have no clue even where to begin when it comes to gardening.  What plants should I buy? How large of a space should I devote? What other equipment will I need? These are all questions that need answering – and unlike with other hobbies, there’s not a ton of info available on the digital realm to point people in the right direction.


Even if you do manage to get some plants in the ground, the gardening journey has only just begun.  Garden maintenance calls for a real combination of art and science – one that doesn’t simply materialize overnight and usually requires a few failed attempts first.  The whole point is watch your plants grow and flourish, after all, and maybe even yield some tasty produce.


Why keep going at it blindly, or leaving the fate of your garden up to chance?  Introducing ThePlantMe: your new home gardening companion that makes plant care easy, even for the most confused of beginners.

ThePlantMe is brought to users in the form of an easy-to-use iOS app containing everything you need to explore your new hobby.  They’ve gathered advice & recommendations from some of the world’s top home gardeners to provide the ultimate plant management formula to users – delivered with just a few taps of the screen.


It starts with garden preparation and plant selection.  New users can access information on some of the most popular plants, or use their search feature, to uncover the ideal garden mix for their geographic area and situation.  This will help increase a new gardener’s chances at success right out of the gates.

From there, ThePlantMe readily provides information on plant state and growth progress in real time.  This can be used to help optimize key maintenance decisions including how much to water, when to cut leaves, and when to reposition – all of which are helped along via additional suggestions made in the app.


The platform’s notification system simplifies things even further by always providing reminders on when and how to precisely care for your tiny green pals.  This makes ThePlantMe a great tool not just for beginners, but also professionals who have many gardens and are pressed for time.

New users can receive this effortless, all-in-one plant care as a free trial for the first month, and then for an annual price of just $49.99 once the trial period ends.  Here are just a few more features and benefits ThePlantMe provides to the home gardening world:


  • Can have an unlimited number of plants in your list
  • Trackable, photo-based plant growth history
  • The ability to view plants in AR
  • The ability to purchase auto-renewable subscriptions


Foundr Mykhaylo Grynets has been hard at work implementing these features since opening for business earlier this year, and now has his app active on the Apple App Store.  Going forward, he plans to implement even more cutting-edge features for users, in addition to expanding the available selection of plants.


Interested in trying ThePlantMe for yourself, or want more information?  You can visit their page on the App Store at https://theplantme.com/ks/app/theplantme.  The Founder can also be reached directly at [email protected].


Photos: ThePlantMe