Hollur.com – Just Like Twitter But With Audio Clips

Hollur.comHollur provides us with a different take on microsharing, as the site lets people socialize around short audio clips that are uploaded and categorized for users to find people who have similar interests. These short audio clips go by the names of “bits”, and they can’t be longer than 20 seconds.

You will have to be either incredibly witty or telegraphic in order to get a message across in such a setting, but that is obviously the main hook of the site, in the same way that making complex emotions fit into 140 characters is half the fun when tweeting.

Yet, there won’t ever be a direct equivalent to URL shorteners when it comes to Hollur. This means that every “bit” will have to be self-contained. But I think that is counterbalanced by the fact a spoken message can have endless inflections. Typing emotions down is one thing. Transmitting them orally is another.

Hollur is a free service. You can create you own account at no cost, and start uploading your own “bits” for all to listen to and comment right away.

Hollur.com In Their Own Words

“Hollur is a new social networking site that focuses on you using your own voice. Express yourself in your own way and share a bit about yourself!”

Why Hollur.com It Might Be A Killer

Hollur feels like a service that makes for oral tweeting. Cool approach.

Some Questions About Hollur.com

How will this service evolve from now on? Hollur.com